You have everything you need to make your new pool a success. Waterair Swimming pools offers a range of packages to help you build your pool, and will make sure you understand every step of dream pool process, as well as what you need to do. With our patented technology, your pool is built in just a few days!


To finalise your project and ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible, Waterair Swimming Pools will work with you to establish every step of the process, and make sure you know what you need to do until it is complete.



1 – Dig a hole

Dig a hole and prepare the ground.
There is a specific plan for the builder to trace the perimeter of the pool and dig to the desired depth.

2 – Assemble

Assemble, fit the main structure.
Each panel weighs a maximum of 27 to 44 kg, making them easy to handle.

Panels are easy to assemble using double bolting.

3 – Stabilise the bottom

You just need to make a screed (with no concrete layer undreneath or supporting masonry) or a layer of stabilised sand.

4 – Fit the liner
The pressure of the water flattens the liner at the edges and on the bottom.

The Fire system enables the liner to be laid without unsightly folds, giving a perfect finish. Also, if the liner is changed, there’s no need to remove the coping.

5 – Fit the coping

Once the coping is in place, you can get in the pool!

6 – Adjust
You can design the poolside area as you wish.

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